Introducing the new experience
of hassle-free message encryption

Easy messaging and protection of privacy now go hand in hand.
Never think about cryptography again.

Instant Messaging

Norvos is a modern instant messenger. Your messages arrive in the moment you send them. And if your partner is offline, they will get them as soon as they're back.


Norvos encrypts all messages you send and receive, so that they're protected from prying eyes. This happens automatically and transparently, without you noticing.


Send pictures, audio and video to your friends. Exchanging multimedia messages makes communication easy and quick.


Norvos is compatible with the Signal messenger (formerly called TextSecure), the popular messenger for Android and iOS. Text your friends, no matter where they are.

Need some support?

If you want more information or are interested in using Norvos in your organization, start by getting in touch.
You can find info in our manual or contact us for personal support.

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